Stationary Under Vehicle Inspection System B2scan DD-S

Stationary Under Vehicle Inspection System B2scan- DD-S designed to inspect the bottom of a wide range of vehicles. It allows to quickly and accurately identify hidden and prohibited to import and export items that can be hidden under the vehicles.

The under vehicle inspection system significantly reduces the time for conducting inspection procedures, saves human resources, built-in in the road surface and can be integrated into existing security systems.

• Installation and mounting in the roadbed
• Lack of braking strip, providing greater comfort for
the passengers of the inspected vehicle
• There are 4 high-power LEDs providing better lighting for large cars
• Automatic pneumatic system eliminates camera misting and provides its heating
• Innovative linear scanning camera for all vehicle types up to 27,000 frames per second
• Intelligent recognition system for vehicle registration numbers
Identification of suspicious areas under the bottom of the vehicle
• Automatically save up to 100,000 images, and automatically delete outdated images
• Anti-fog system with bright LEDs, providing clear and complete image without any distortion
• Ability to scale, sort, select images by time and scan results
• Connection to PC, camera, turnstile (gate or barrier), сollision avoidance system
• Permissible speed of a passing vehicle: < 30 km/h with automatic license plate recognition system
< 70 km/h without automatic license plate recognition system
• Simultaneous scanning in two directions – oncoming and in the direction of travel
• After processing the received image, it is possible to open archive images and compare current and historical data
• Operator’s workplace can be located in any comfortable place.
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Электрошкаф DD-S

Electrical cabinet

Камера для распознавания номерных знаков

License plate recognition camera

Сканирующий модуль

Scanning module

Рабочее место оператора

Operator’s workplace

Технические характеристики

Permissible load

Up to 50 tons

Effective field of view


Image resolution

12000×6144 pixels

Width of the scanned object

<4 м

IP protection class


Weight of scanning device

180 kg

Scanning device dimensions

1200 х 350 х 210 мм

Communication interface


Operating temperature

-25°C to +60°C

Storage temperature

-40°С to +75°С

Power supply

АС 110-242V, 50-60Hz

Led lighting


The equipment has passed compulsory and voluntary certification applicable on the Russian Federation territory. Technical parameters and complete set of goods are subject to change without notice.

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