X-ray television system B2scan 6040D


X-ray television system B2scan 6040D is an advanced dual-energy X-ray inspection of hand luggage, baggage. Being equipping with two X-ray generators it provides a viewing of the checked object in two projections. With tunnel dimensions of 625 mm×425 mm  (W×H) it is ideal for inspection of hand luggage, baggage and cargo at airports, railway stations, customs posts, ports, etc.

Along with unmatched ergonomics, reliability and safety, B2scan 6040D introscopes provide excellent image quality and improved material classification.

Two projections of the inspected object are displayed each on a separate monitor, so dangerous items and contraband hidden under the overlapping zone are more likely to be detected. Introscope B2scan 6040D has the function of automatic detection of explosives and drugs.

Automatic detection of explosives / drugs and alerts
Improved classification of materials: orange – organic, blue – metals, green – mixed materials.

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Technological peculiarities:


  • High image quality with 40 AWG wire resolution and the penetrating power of steel is 34 mm.
  • The x-ray dose rate around the equipment is close to the natural background level, which corresponds to all applicable international health standards and occupational safety
  • Automatic detection of explosives / drugs.
  • TIP (projection of the image of dangerous objects) is a very effective way to train operators and control their work.
  • Functional stepwise, continuous and local scaling provides convenient and quick magnification of the resulting image.
  • The resulting images can be saved in common formats (BMP, JPG, PNG) and transfer to an external USB drive.



  • The ergonomic design of the keyboard and user interface ensures effective and professional work of X-ray television introscope.
  • The modular design, combined with built-in diagnostics, ensures efficient maintenance of the equipment.
  • Data transmission over a local network using the TCP / IP family of protocols.
  • Information exchange with the system of collecting results of technical monitoring and control using a unified data transfer protocol and an XML-based metadata

General specifications Operating characteristic

Tunnel dimensions



625 mm (W) ×425mm (H)

Wire Resolution  

40 AWG / 0,08mm

Conveyor speed  

0,2 m/s

Steel penetration  

34 mm


Conveyor height



X-ray dose during the inspection  

less  than 1,5 mSv

Maximum load capacity  

160 kg with an even distribution




LCD, 21.5 inches, high resolution 1920×1080
Image processing system Health and safety



Image processing functions

Color / BW image, organic / inorganic removal, change in absorption level, super-enhancement, negative image, high / low penetration, pseudocolor, etc.  



X-ray dose rate


Less than1 mSv /h (5 cm from the body) meets all applicable international standards


Material classification (by color)


Organic: orange, inorganic: blue, mixtures and light metals: green


Safety for photographic films

Guaranteed for highly sensitive film up to ASA/ISO 1600 (33 DIN)



Selectable image scaling areas, magnification 1 ~ 64 times  


Installation data

Image return Viewing previous images  


2340 mm (L) × 1170 mm (W)

× 1260mm (H) / 750kg

Memory capacity Up to 100 000images Storage temperature -40°C~+60°C






Additional functions

Date / time display, baggage counter, transaction log, user management, System-on/X-ray-on timers / Power-on self-test, built-in diagnostics tools, bi-directional scanning, image recognition training Operating temperature range  




5%~95% non-condensing

Power supplies

AC power


50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 3 Hz



Power consumption



1,2 kVA

The equipment has passed compulsory and voluntary certification applicable on the Russian Federation territory. Technical parameters and complete set of goods are subject to change without notice.

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