Interaction Station with the system of collecting technical monitoring and control results (SC TMC) B2scan CK-1

B2scan CK-1  is a specially developed product designed to ensure interaction of technical systems and inspection tools with the system for collecting technical monitoring and control results (SC TMC) when receiving and transmitting information to the specified system over a local Ethernet network using the TCP/IP Protocol stack, as well as for exchanging information with the CC TMK using unified data transfer protocols and a metadata format developed on the basis of XML.

B2scan CK-1 allows you to increase the level of technical inspection systems of any manufacturer that ensure security at transport infrastructure facilities to meet the requirements approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 26, 2016 No. 969 (paragraphs d, e)*.


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Technical Parameters:

  • Overall dimensions: 180 (l) × 156 (w) × 50.6 (h) mm • Weight: 440 gr
  • Supply voltage: 5 V
  • Operating current: 0.3 A
  • Power consumption 1.5 VA
  • РOperating temperature -20 ̊C +50 ̊C

Integrated External and Internal Interfaces:

  • Ethernet Data Ports (1/2 pcs. depending on the technical means of ensuring transport safety);
  • Engineering port of programming and USB 2.0 external power supply;
  • Internal Bluetooth internal adapter with support for up to 10 devices;
  • External Bluetooth adapters for portable devices (optional);
  • Micro SD slot for saving the event log;
  • Programmable dry Contact connector galvanically isolated pair for connecting external signals;
  • Operating status indicator.

Application Area of B2scan CK-1
(technical systems and means of inspection):

• Metal Detection: Stationary metal detectors; Hand held metal detectors

• Introscopy:
Stationary X-ray television units;
Mobile and portable X-ray television units; Specialized X-ray systems for human inspection

• Gas analysis:
Stationary gas analyzers; Portable gas analyzers

• Radiation control:
Pedestrian radiation monitors; Portal radiation monitors; Transport radiation monitors

• Neutron sensing:
Neutron radiation detectors; Fast neutron sensing units

• Detection of vapors and traces of explosives substances

Stationary explosives detectors;

Portable explosives detectors

• and other technical systems and means of ensuring transport security.


* It is necessary to meet these requirements in order to pass certification tests and obtain a Certificate of conformity of technical means ensuring transport safety with requirements for their functional properties

The equipment has passed compulsory and voluntary certification applicable on the Russian Federation territory. Technical parameters and complete set of goods are subject to change without notice.

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