B2Scan TT2020 infrared temperature thermometer

Infrared thermometer B2scan TT2020 is designed to measure the temperature. The measurement results show the temperature of objects or people in real time. B2scan TT2020 is a lightweight portable device that can be installed anywhere: indoor as well as outdoor.


Technical specifications

• Weight: 0.6 kg
• Power Consumption: 8W
• Operating temperature: -20 ~ +40 °C
• Humidity: 95%, non-condensing.
• Power supply: AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz
• Operating voltage: 12 V
• Temperature measurement speed: 0.5 sec
• Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3 °C
• Temperature measurement distance: 1-50 cm
• Dimensions: 166x115x34 mm (without bracket and power adapter) • Specialized software for remote data control.

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The LED display shows the temperature value. Lower and upper alarm thresholds are programmable.

Non-contact temperature measurement at a distance of 1 to 50 cm. The measurement time is less than 0.5 seconds.

High precision medical infrared thermometer sensor.

Network interface allows integration of B2scan TT2020
into the ACS, facial recognition system, and also allows you to display the information on external devices and record it in databases.

The ambient temperature compensation function allows B2scan TT2020 to work effectively even at negative outside temperatures.

Real-time audible and light alarms in case of temperature deviations from the norm (set range).

Temperature sensor:

Infrared thermal sensor is ready for operation 30 seconds after switching on.

Distance sensor:

The distance sensor starts to work when a person or object is 20 cm away. If a person’s temperature is ≥ 35.5 °C, the «Normal temperature» alarm will activate; if the temperature is below the set lower threshold value or above the set upper threshold value, the alarm «Attention! Please check again» will be triggered.

IMPORTANT: The distance sensor must not be obstructed or covered by foreign objects, otherwise the alarm will sound continuously.

Instruction on temperature measurement

  1. Switch on the device, calibration will be performed within 30 seconds, do not place anything in front of the temperature sensor!
  2. Normal ambient temperature is 0°C – 30°C. The compensation of the ambient temperature must be adjusted if the device is used at negative external temperatures. In case the thermometer is used at temperatures above 30°C, the high temperature compensation must also be adjusted.
  3. Effective temperature measurement points: wrist or forehead surface.
  4. Forehead temperature and wrist surface temperature can be measured accurately without adjustment of settings.
  5. Standard measurement distance: 1-20 cm. For measurements at distances of 20-50 cm, the compensation ofthe ambient temperature must be adjusted.
  6. Measurement time: 0.5 seconds. After measuring, release the thermo sensor line, otherwise, the measurement will be repeated.

Integration example

The B2scan TT2020 infrared thermometer can be installed on any access control system as well as security inspection systems. For example, stationary arched metal detectors:

The equipment has passed compulsory and voluntary certification, which is applicable on the territory of the Russian Federation. Specifications and configuration of goods may be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

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