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The IX International Forum Transport Security ended in St. Petersburg

By 06.06.2019 February 17th, 2020 No Comments

More than 20 events were held in the frames of the IX International Forum Transport Security for two days, where more than 100 speakers took the floor. More than 700 delegates from 50 regions of Russia took part in the forum.

The two-day business program of the forum covered the most pressing issues of the industry and was held in two main areas: ensuring transport security and combating terrorism; ensuring accident-free movement and safe operation of vehicles.

The main discussion areas of the forum in 2019 were issues of optimization of legal regulations, the implementation of IT technologies and the development a culture of safety in transport.

In the expositional space of the forum, there was a specialized exhibition, demonstrating the latest models of equipment and technical means to ensure safety at transport infrastructure facilities.

Three models of B2scan equipment were presented at the stand of Integrated Security Center:

Arched metal detector B2scan SD1000, designed for accurate detection of metal objects on the body and clothing of the inspected person;

Hand-held metal detector B2scan MS1000, designed to ensure safety in public places. The main scope of application – search and detection of prohibited metal objects, ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

Mobile under vehicle inspection system B2scan DD-M designed to inspect the bottom of a wide range of vehicles. It allows to quickly and accurately identify hidden and prohibited import and export items that can be hidden under the car. The under vehicle inspection system significantly reduces the time for conducting inspection procedures, saves human resources, and due to its mobility it can be used in different conditions.